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increase weight

increase weight.

Mango for feet body (weight gain)

increase weight
increase weight

If you are very low in weight. If you are very thin, you and you want to increase your weight [Weight Gain], then do this work.

• Eat at least 1 mango a day.
• It is better if you can eat the entire season of mangoes.
By doing this you will start gaining weight. And if you take milk with it, then you will get more mango benefits.

There is a shortage of water in the body in summer. Because we do not drink sufficient amount of water carelessly. If you make and eat mango panna then you will benefit a lot.

Due to this, the lack of water in the body is completed. And drinking it daily does not run the risk of sunstroke during summer. To make mango panna see below method.
How to make mango pan
increase weight,weitght gain
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•       2 raw mangoes
•       Roasted Cumin
•.      Mint
Black pepper
Black Salt

Method of making

• Wash raw mangoes and peel them and separate the kernels.
• Boil this pulp in 1 glass of water.
• When it boils well, add 1 glass of water to it.
• Now add sugar, mint leaves, black salt and roasted cumin and mix it well in the mixer.
• Serve with ice cubes, drink!

Drinking mango leaf does not cause heat, freshness remains in the body throughout the summer.

If you do not sleep at night, that is, Insomnia [Insomnia], also called Insomnia.
Before bedtime, eat ripe mangoes. This will make you sleep better.

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